Since 1982, the Fayrefield Group has gained global recognition as an independent marketing dairy company with sales exceeding £230m.

Their experience in dairy brand management, food technologies and product development has led them to form partnerships with many leading European companies.

Fayrefield asked us for a code modern looking website, based on designs that they had supplied, that allowed them full editing control in order to fully showcase their brands. The new website needed to be standards compliant and give Fayrefield a flexible way of managing promotions -now and in the future.

Among the many features of Fayrefield’s new website is a flash Coverflow for displaying the Fayrefield Brands. This allows the website user to see all their brands in an eye-catching shifting display.

We used jQuery to create a slideshow promotions banner. Fayrefield have full control over their website content via our custom built CMS (Content Management System) and they can edit their website whenever and however they want.